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On site chair massage in the Los Angeles area for
executives, coworkers and company events

     The On Site Occupational Massage Program is one of the few ways management can give a boost to employee physical and emotional well being while improving employee productivity and cutting insurance costs.  Make our program part of your employee benefit package.  The personal attention given to the employee tells them you care about them as individuals.  The resulting reduction in stress and repetitive motion strain and minor injuries will improve the work place morale.  Short term this will result in fewer claims.  Long term results are reduced Worker' Compensation Insurance rates.

     The On Site Occupational Massage Program is an on going program in your place of business.  We can cover any shift schedules.  As a Human Resources Director, myself , for many years, I am aware of the California state regulations you must contend with. The program is designed to provide the relief from stress and pain that your employees (and perhaps you, yourself ) need and at the same time protecting the employer, employee and the therapist from harassment problems.  This is an organized chair massage program that provides a  service within your place of business.  There will be no one wandering unattended performing massage in various places through your work place.  A permanent location is established where the therapists will take appointments. All of the therapists are screened and tested for ability.  They are certified and licensed.  Each therapist is required to provide professional insurance.  In addition the therapists are trained for Occupational Massage.  Any therapist sent to your location will be trained to follow your company procedures.

Occupational Massage is not just a shoulder and neck rub to help relax.  It benefits everyone in your company from top management throughout the coworkers.  This chair massage is a soft tissue treatment, which can have the following results:

  •  Reduces the effects of stress and anxiety

  •  Increases blood flow

  •  Lower blood pressure

  •  Improve the flow of lymph

  •  Relax muscle

What does this mean to you as an employer?

  • A demonstration of your commitment to occupational health and safety

  • Reduction of repetitive action injuries  ( a proven track record of 97% reduction in soft tissue injuries)

  • Reduced Absenteeism for illness & injury 

  • Reduction in required modified work

  • Quicker return to full duty

  • Enhanced work environment

  • Greater productivity

  • Improvement in work quality

chair massage for the work place, office or factory reduces injury
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Chair massage reduce soft tissue injury at work in Los Angeles company

Doctor recommended chair massage to reduce work injuries in the company
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Your Employees benefit by:

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Increased mental clarity

  • Reduced stress

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduction in occurrences and intensity of discomfort from pain

  • Less Repetitive Motion Syndrome


Our Therapists are available for single or recurring events. Company parties, Retirements, Private Parties, Conventions, Promotions or even as a corporate gift (employee of the month, special client or vendor) We are your best choice in professional massage for business or personal.    email: massage[at]8531[dot]com

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