Namaste is the most respectful term of greeting which I know.  It functions on all levels of mind, body and spirit.  The word is Sanskrit.  It roughly means, "the universal spirit within me bows to the universal spirit within you in oneness".


       Spirituality is being of the spirit.  The spirit is one part of the triad forming reality.  The others are mentality (being of the mind) and sensuality [being of the senses (body)].  Together these three create reality.  To achieve harmony a delicate balance must be maintained.  For with harmony we find contentment in unity with the universe.  Here we will examine our spirituality.  The other two are explored in other areas of the forest.

        As I have expressed in other areas of the forest, I believe in Holism.  I have arrived at this point through many years of study and observation.  As we go on understand that I have great respect for all religions.  As a child, I would sometimes visit my Grandfather’s auction gallery.  On his desk he kept a sign which always caught my attention.  It said, “All religions which cause men to be good are worthy of respect”. My grandfather taught me to respect the beliefs of others with the expectation that my beliefs would likewise be respected.  I speak here of my beliefs with the expectation that you will listen with respect.  Understand that I speak with no disrespect for your beliefs.  When I have finished we can then engage in open discussion based on mutual respect.

        You are welcome to express your views in open discussion below.  I hope that you will find what I have to say, enlightening.  In my turn I am anxious to hear from you and consider your thoughts on these matters.  I have only reached middle age, and so hope to have many more years to learn and grow in this world.

        In this discussion and exploration, let us consider the Spirit as the non-physical aspects of existence.  Just as the Mind is a directing bridge between physical and non physical.  Thirdly, the Body is the physical aspect.  Spirituality has been the domain of religion in the Western World.  In Asia, Africa and America there has not been as distinct a separation.  In Asia, Spirituality and Science even developed in close alignment.  This is one reason for the differences in Oriental and Western medicine.  The Western dichotomy has served a purpose in allowing Science to flourish.  However, times change and now a reemergence is called for.  Indeed, we see a return to old ways of respect for all fellow earthlings while retaining the knowledge we have gained.  The European Christian beliefs, over time elevated man to a position above all other earthlings.  Then the Existentialists questioned the exalted position man had reached.  Thus toppling him from his pedestal.  In most parts of the world this self aggrandizement was never understood.  Man is a member of the animal kingdom.  Along with all other inhabitants of our world, both animate and inanimate, we are earthlings.  Beyond the physical existence is the spiritual harmony, which we have with all others.


You are welcome to join in discussion below.

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  STOP!!   Don’t click yet!  Now here is a good example of seeing the part separate from the whole.  Albert Einstein is viewed as a symbol of intellect.  Yet he was a very sensually aware and fun loving man.  Tyra Banks is a symbol of sensuality and beauty.  She has succeeded at a very difficult career as a top name super model.  A woman of intellect, yet she is regarded by many primarily as physical.   Reality does not exist only in mind, body or spirit. Reality is the interaction of the mind, body and spirit.  When the three are in proper balance, we experience harmony within the self and with our environment.

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