At the risk of being controversial, I am going to discuss Mentality as one of the three systems forming reality.  To begin, I have already mentioned that mentality is the system, which acts as a bridge between spirituality and sensuality.  Unlike spirituality, which is an energetic system, mentality is a physical system. 

    The mentality system has several functions.  These are to; bridge the physical and energetic planes of existence, Direct function of the physical body and process sensory perception. As you can see the mentality is not only a middleman but shares some characteristics of the other two.

  The Parts
Now when I speak of the mentality, I am not speaking only of the brain.  The mentality is a system of the body comprised of; the brain, the spinal cord, the endrocine system and the heart.  Together these organs function to unite the energetic and physical planes.  They also direct function of the physical body by thought and hormones.  They process all of the sensory input and determine reaction to the information.

    Without this system we would not exist in our present form.  We would be purely in the energetic reality.  You may say so how do geraniums or slugs exist?  They also have a system, which functions in the same manner.  In the animal kingdom man is one of the most complex.  Therefor, the systems are also more fully developed. 

    Yogis and other spiritual teachers have long taught that the pineal gland is a receptor or “eye” to the universal energy or spirit.  This organ has for a long time mystified medical researchers.  Only recently was it discovered that the pineal gland produces melatonin.  Its function in establishing the body’s cycles and being a healing “gate” for the body is taught in yoga and Hawaiian philosophy, as well as other ancient teachings.  There seems to be an almost universal recognition in traditional philosophies that this is the part of the body where “spirit”, “soul”, universal energy enters the body.  It forms a bridge of the energetic existence to the physical body.  I believe the rest of the endrocine system also plays a role in the dissemination of energy to the physical body.  The glands follow closely with the chakra system from yoga.


Please check back later.  There is more to come.

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