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The third system is sensuality.  Now donít get all steamed up because this may not be what you think.  The sensuality system comprises the senses.  This is how we perceive our environment.  Without the sensuality, the mentality would be isolated

We gather information from the environment from our senses


These five systems of the body act as receptors and transmitters of information about our physical world.  The Mentality then uses the gathered information to perceive, analyze, recognize and illicit a response to the environment.

  The extent to which we can sample our environment is amazing, being able to detect millions of variations.  We can separate and identify thousands of scents, textures, shapes, consistencies, temperatures, motion, colors all for the purpose of analyzing our environment to decide response in thought and action.  The mind remembers the scent of a lover and why that smelly meat isnít to be eaten.  Actions differ between cultures, as the mind uses many types of input to determine actions associated with the environment.

  A fruit may cause a person to drool with anticipation or turn away in disgust depending on how they perceive the scent from previous experiences.  People use the senses for information the brain processes to get a reaction.  This runs a wide gamut from should I fear, Trust, lust and on and on.

  Experience builds and the mind utilizes it to continually assess and react to stimuli via the senses.  Depending on what you believe the experiences accessed are either from this life only or collect over several lifetimes.  Regression therapy seems to validate that we accumulate over many lifetimes.

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