The online stores presented below are sources for a holistic lifestyle. I have used the services and products. Find natural cosmetics and resources. The calling cards and language sources are given as support for the one world one people philosophy that runs throughout the urban4est. My own shop Treasure's of China presents the "Touch of Jade" massage roller tools for maintaining youthfulness the traditional Chinese way.

Happy and Healthy Shopping!

Namaste! has great natural bath, body, health and gifts. Find medicinal teas, soaps,
aromatherapy solutions and much more. At this time shipping is limited to the U.S.A.

10% Off Any Order Over $50 at Gaiam Use Code: L93H Expires: 6/1/2005 is an amazing resource for books new and used on any topic.アソシエイト In Association with offers thousands of products for an amazing number of languages from dictionaries through
software and games. Find English as a Second Language study materials from your language.

My Treasures of China Shop features jade and amber carved items I have found on my China trips. Featured
are the Chinese Jade Massage Rollers for maintaining circulation and youthfulness.
Shop urban4est's treasures of china shop for unique items from china that promote your natural holistic lifestyle. Shop using paypal for convenient online shopping. Massage tools, jade & amber jewelry, chinese wash mittens are all available from remote areas of china for your shopping convenience. is my perferred source for Yoga practice aides such as mats,
CD meditation and health aides. Sign up for the Yoga and Health newsletter.

The sinus solution is part of This is the best neti pot I found
after much searching. Many of my friends and I use it for our own relief.

This is a natural goats milk soap which I use. It really does soften the skin. It is made by the
Frank family's Navajo cottage industry in New Mexico on their goat ranch.
The Frank family makes this line of goat milk soap  at their new mexico goat farm. The soap leaves your skin soft and clean. Order from this Navajo cottage industry online.  Their products are made with natural ingredients and never tested on animals, only on family and friends. provides prepaid online phone card choices in each country at good rates. Great for traveling, business or
 friends and family keeping in touch across nations. The service provides detailed information on cards including often hidden costs. is the place for chairs, bedding, exercise equipment and other devices
 for maintaining your back and reducing pain. Shop for your back supplies here.
RTB Health

Indiana Botanic Gardens is a family owned business that has been
offering quality herbal supplements and natural beauty products for over 94 Years
Why Pay More-Save Up To 75%

Silk and Bamboo fiber are currently among the most environmentally friendly materials today. I have bought from WinterSilks and Bambooplace. Both delivedered excellent products with good quick service.

for information on Bamboo floors as a hardwood
replacement search here has lots of information on bamboo
used as flooring.

To protect our world avoid using products such as
Rayon or other cellulose products that are not from
managed forests. Plywood is another product to watch
as it is often made from illegal logging in some
countries such as Indonesia. For wood products look
for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mark that
shows it comes from managed renewable forests.

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