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Back Pain
This page gives an explanation of back pain by Dr. Tracy A. Norris, D.C., C.
C.E.P.  Links are provided for back pain relief products from
A Washington State study examines massage as a solution to back pain

Shoulder Pain,_m_d_,_marion_hauser_m_s,r_d_.htm
This site explains the condition known as "Frozen Shoulder" and offers
solutions to the condition

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
A clear explanation of what CTS is, how to avoid it and what can be done about it. An explanation of cause and how alternative medicine including massage offers a solution to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Massage Therapy Effectiveness
Elizabeth A. Hunt, massage therapist from Eden Prairie MN, explains tthe benefits of massage for a variety of painful ailments.
Clear explanations of complimentary medicine as it relates to your health.
This site discusses the benefits of massage and other therapies.
Massage is becoming a common experience

Stretching for Health
A Canadian program for stretching at work with downloadable posters
for the workplace.
A slideshow illustrating stretches for the workplace from the Mayo Clinic.
By Erik Nieuwenhuis, Physical Therapist at St. Luke’s Rehab this article
describes the how and why for stretching at work.
University of Oregon, Labor Education and Research Center study with recommendations for industrial company stretch programs with
guidelines for implementation. In English and Spanish
These exercises can reduce fatigue and reduce your risk of developing an overuse injury. They can be done during short or long breaks. Do each stretch or exercise 3 to 5 times before moving to the next exercise. Exercises are listed and instructions given in English and in Spanish.
Bob & Jane Anderson offer products for instructing and building routines for stretching in the workplace for occupational health. Posters available.