First let me say that my main role models throughout my life have been my Parents and next my Grandparents. I have always looked to them for advise and example. My parents believed very much in teaching by example. When we were small children, my parents gave up smoking because they didn't want us to start and saw that the actions and words were conflicting. Much in my way of doing things I find mimics either my Father or my Mother. I have added my own twists to gestures and mannerisms but they are still recognizable. I sometimes wonder from whose roots and how far back a mannerism goes. Look at your own family gathering. Aren't there cousins nieces or nephews who have that smile or quizzical look that everyone remembers on Grandpa or Grandma. Some things we learn at young ages others may be inherited. Many of my likes, dislikes and inclinations were instilled in me this way at an early age.  How
I have adapted these, modernized, reshaped to fit my understanding and view of the world, is what makes these traits uniquely mine. 

        Role models I have been introduced to through my youth played a part in how I have interpreted and internalized these values. Here, I introduce to you people who have inspired me to grow. These people are only a few of many I have had contact with. To me these standout as representing values I hold dear.

        Below I present to you Paul Robeson, Saionji Kimmochi, Ozeki Sanae and Theodore Roosevelt. From these people I learned much about fairness, standing up for what you believe and faith in humanity.

Paul Robeson

Saionji Kimmochi

Ozeki Sanae

Theodore Roosevelt