Screensavers Beyond the Physical Image


   Below are offered various screensavers representing a variety of physical images which I find stimulating and inspirational. While these images only stimulate the sense of vision, I hope you will find one that stimulates you. Visual in put to the mentality can stimulate thought and emotion. By this stimulation the spirituality gathers knowledge and grows. While vision is only one of the five senses, any single sense provides amazingly powerful sensory perception.    First available are three screensavers showing the power of the physical human form in the image of Tyra Banks. She has made a career of her ability to present her beauty, character and spirit through photographic imaging. I hope you enjoy these visual treats of form, texture, color and spirit.
   Check back later for more screensavers of other inspirational forms such as flowers, landscapes, stones, and etc.
If you have a subject you would like me to make into a screensaver let me know and I will see what I can do. Just e-mail me at .

China Screen savers.

The Great Wall of China This screensaver contains 14 of my photos of the wall both reconstructed and not. It was quite a climb on very steep steps. The sled lift that gets you to the first section is a welcome boost up. Like all the stone blocks, the concessions have to carry everything up the wall. 
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Rural China, Ezhou
16 pictures taken in Hubei Province make up this screensaver. Most of the pictures were taken in the area I stayed in, on (Lotus Mountain) Lianhuashan, Ezhou. A variety of rural setting shots include people, scenery and wildlife.
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Lotus Mountain Well-being Retreat This screensaver presents an overview of the retreat, its activities and people. 20 photos are used to give an idea of the beauty and serenity that surrounds the retreat. Kang Fu Dance for Well-being and Energy Therapies are included. And one can't forget the friendly people of Lianhuashan (Lotus Mountain) that make you visit there unforgetable.
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Tyra Banks Screen Savers

Tyra Banks for the Office 0.48MB

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Tyra Banks "That Face" 0.48MB

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Tyra Banks for the Den (semi-nude) 1.40MB Click here to download


My Cactus Flowers 0.77MB

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