On line translation is not as accurate as personal translations done by a specialist, but they are a start to creating one world of knowledge for all mankind to access. I hope those provided below will be helpful. On line translators are in development and sometimes make rather peculiar translations, but it is a start to breaking down the language barrier which has divided mankind since the fall of the tower of babel.

On this page you will find translators usable for both url and text translations. As I find more I will continue to add to the list. If you have any you would like to suggest for addition please let me know at urban4est@urban4est.net.

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On line translator handles 13 languages and various specialized vocabulary such as automotive, colloquial, medicine and many others. This includes the character languages Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese and Korean. Russian cyrilic is also translatable here.

ReadWorld at www.readworld.com is an on line translator for Chinese / English and English / Chinese translation. Professional translations are available from the service.

Cafeglobe at www.cafeglobe.com is a Japanese on line magazine helping to introduce Japanese women's concerns and interests to the English speaking world. It combines on line translation with a bilingual chat room.

Click here to translate from Arabic to English or English to Arabic. Search Arabic web Sites! Read up to date Arab News releases. Ajeeb At www.ajeeb.com is an on line translator Helping to bring the world together.

Translate with Babel Fish:
Babelfish at http://babelfish.altavista.com provides one of the most accurate bidirectional on line translators for English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Some of the languages are more accurate than others and you can expect some odd word choices.

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[ 家] [ 职业性按摩][ 韩国军事疗法][ Floratherapy ][ Spirituality ][ 我的森林内]



都市森林是各种各样方面的概念; 加入人的物理发展关于自然和他自己的spirituality 。加入与我在探索都市森林。正如任一个森林做, 这一包含变化在一个共同题材之内。我们将漫步它的道路如同他们包缠和分支。享用我的朋友。我们一起将分享, 将学会和将增长。

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 [ 家] [ 職業マッサージ][ Martial 韓国の療法][ Floratherapy ][ Spirituality ][ 中私の森林]


都市森林は様々な面の概念である; 性質と彼自身のspirituality に関連する人の物理的な開発の結合。都市森林の探検の私と結合しなさい。どの森林もように, この1 つは共通の主題内の多様性を含んでいる。それらが巻き, 分岐するように私達は道さまよう。私の友人を楽しみなさい。私達は一緒に共有し, 学び, そして育つ。

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Recepción al bosque urbano.

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Urbano el bosque es un concepto de varios aspectos; el ensamblar del desarrollo físico del hombre en lo referente a la naturaleza y a su propio spirituality. Ensamble con mí en explorar el bosque urbano. Como cualquier bosque , éste contiene diversidad dentro de un tema común. Vagaremos sus caminos como enrollan y ramifican. Goce de mis amigos. Compartiremos, aprenderemos y creceremos juntos.

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Bienvenue à la forêt urbaine.

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Urbain la forêt est un concept de divers aspects; se joindre du développement physique de l'homme par rapport à la nature et à son propre spirituality. Joignez-vous à moi en explorant la forêt urbaine. Comme le fait n'importe quelle forêt, celle-ci contient la diversité dans un thème commun. Nous errerons ses voies d'accès comme ils s'enroulent et s'embranchent. Appréciez mes amis. Nous partagerons, apprendrons et nous développerons ensemble.

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Willkommen zum städtischen Wald.

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Städtisch Wald ist ein Konzept der verschiedenen Aspekte; das Verbinden der körperlichen Entwicklung des Mannes in bezug auf Natur und ein sein eigenes spirituality. Verbinden Sie mit mir, wenn Sie den städtischen Wald erforschen. Wie jeder möglicher Wald, dieser enthält Verschiedenartigkeit innerhalb eines allgemeinen Themas. Wir wander seine Pfade, wie sie wickeln und sich ausbreiten. Genießen Sie meine Freunde. Wir teilen, erlernen und wachsen zusammen.