Links dedicated to studying, preserving, expanding and establishing the
urban forest

http://www.urbanforest.on.net/index.html         The Southern Australian Urban Forest Biodiversity 

        New York studies of the urban ecosystem.  This contains 
        links to other USDA Forest Service research projects 

        The Urban Forests Centre's goal is to promote the 
        protection and enhancement of treed areas and 
        greenspaces in urban environments and inhabited landscapes across Canada. 

        Vancouver's civic government became acutely aware of the
        importance of trees after the Clouds of Change report was presented in 1990
        by the Greater Vancouver Regional District Task Force on Atmospheric Change.
        It spawned new programs and a new emphasis on preserving and enhancing the
        city's tree population. 

        The Virginia Urban Forest Council is a private, non-profit
        organization whose mission is to "enhance the quality of life through
        stewardship of our Commonwealth's urban and community forests". 

        A major UK project in Urban Forestry 

        Friends of the Urban Forest, San Francisco's citizen 
        urban forestry organization, is committed to the belief 
        that trees are a critical element of a livable urban environment. 

        Planning a living watershed in Los Angeles

Links on the esthetic effects of urban flora

        "A flower is an exquisite thing, beautiful and delicate, a 
        harbinger of hope for the green world that lets us all 
            survive."  Karl Urban